Sealants, Adhesives & Foam

Fill, seal, bond, stick. Fix Factory will get you unstuck with great prices and products in mastics, foams, adhesives and sealants. We have Mastic Sealants for firestopping application. Fire Mastic works by swelling when exposed to high temperatures to prevent the passage of fire and smoke. It is typically used for firestopping on cables and pipes. To apply it you will need a mastic gun. For more simple DIY jobs around the house such as sealing shower trays, around bathtubs or smoothing walls before painting we have great products such as Decorator’s Filler or Caulk and a range of Silicone fillers. Expanding Foam is a multipurpose product perfect for filling awkward irregular spaces. It can seal draughts, provide insulation or dampen sound. A typical use would be to fill holes where pipes go through walls. Always follow the instructions for use! We also supply high quality resin based wood glue for wood to wood bonding projects.



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