Adjustable Frame Screw 7.5 x 62mm - AFS62

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Fix Factory's Adjustable Frame Screw: The award winning rapierstar StarFix™ is probably the most efficient direct masonry fixing screw available. The patented StarForm™ self tapping thread enables lower drive-in torque with exceptional holding.

  • No plug required in concrete, solid brick, sand-lime brick, pumice stone, honeycomb brick, natural stone, etc. - Permanent and secure in many applications including window and door frame fixing, timber beams, battens, wooden laths, facades, metal profiles and panels. Spaced hi-lo thread provides ultimate grip and allows for multiple re-fixing without stripping the formed tapped hole. 
  • High strength in temporary fastener applications - leaves no steel parts behind to corrode after removal.
  • Quantity - 100