J Bead 9.5mm x 3m - JBEAD9.5MM3MMMW

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  • Fix Factory J bead (Plaster Edge Bead)
  • Used to reinforce plasterboard edges with the perforated flange fixed flush to the board face prior to the final skim coat
  • The bead may also be fixed with the flange flush to the inner surface to the board for use in projection wall panelling
  • Length 3 metres
  • Box of 50
  • This product may be subject to an additional carriage charge. Location and access for delivery, product weight and product size are factors that need to taken into consideration by the Fix Factory logistics team. You will receive a personal phone call from Fix Factory to confirm payment and delivery instructions. This policy includes all metal products in 2.4m lengths and more, and all bulk products with a weight in excess of 15kg per unit.