Powers AC100 PRO Easy Pump Vinyl Resin - PAC100PRO

Fix Factory's Powers AC100 Easy Pump Vinyl Resin includes:

  •  Vinylester chemical anchor, approved for almost any application.
  • European Technical Approval option 1 for cracked concrete (threaded rods M12-M30 and rebar Ø12-Ø32). Valid when using standard trade rods and rods from other manufacturers.
  •  The first adhesive anchor in the world with seismic approval according to category C1.
  •  European Technical Approval option 7 for uncracked concrete (threaded rods M8-M30 and rebar Ø8-Ø32). Valid when using standard trade rods and rods from other manufacturers.
  • ETAG029 approval for use in solid and hollow brick.
  • Approved for water filled holes (rain on the job site!).
  • Approved embedment depths: ≥4xØ-20xØ continuum.
  • Very high loads approved. 
  • Installation up to -10˚C approved.
  • European Technical Approval ETAG TR023 and German approval Z.21.8-1898 for post-installed rebar.
  • F120 fire resistance approval.
  • AC100-PRO has an NSF certification according to NSF/ANSI Standard 061 for installing threaded rods into concrete or masonry for water treatment applications.
  • Quick curing mortar for heavy loads.
  • Can be used in the following base materials: cracked and uncracked concrete, stone, solid brick, hollow brick and sand-lime stone.
  • Styrenefree, styrolfree and odourless.
  • Available in 300ml
  • The AC100-PRO 410ml+10ml has a special EASY-PUMP cartridge design, which makes it the easiest mortar to dispense in the market! The benefits of the EASY-PUMP cartridge are a simplified thorough mixing due to 3 outlets for the hardener, reduced pressing out resistance for more comfort and improved processability in cold conditions.
  • AC100-PRO 300ml cartridge design: foil tube opens automatically when you open the cap, so it’s no longer necessary to cut it open.
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